David Douglas Influence 4 oz

David Douglas Influence 4 oz

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Influence- Sculpt, alter, change, and influence your style easily with this extremely pliable, medium hold pomade.
David Douglas Influence 4 oz is an extremely pliable pomade that makes any style easy to create. This pomade is humidity resistant and non-greasy making it the perfect styling aid for every day.

What Are Influence Benefits The Influence pomade is easy to use, apply and style with. Whether you are sculpting your hair first thing in the morning or altering your look later on in the day, style with Influence. This pomade is formulated to resist humidity and is non-greasy, creating a natural shine with medium hold.

David Douglas Influence Directions 1. Rub product between palms. 2. Clap 3 times. 3. Apply to mostly dry or completely dry hair. 4. Style with fingers. 5. Keep the lid on the jar when not in use.

Influence Details

  • 4 oz jar size
  • Paraben Free
  • Non-Greasy
  • Humidity Resistant
  • Medium Hold
  • Made in the USA